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    Ann Grace, MBA, from Clear Lake Marketing Solutions provides full-service marketing solutions for businesses in Marin County and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

    I plan and execute digital marketing solutions that help small businesses find, win, & keep customers.

    Clear Lake Marketing is a strategically-driven one-stop solution for all your content, marketing automation, web design, lead generation, email, social media, SEO, collateral, reputation, and paid advertising needs.

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Email Solutions for SMBs

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Reputation Management & Local SEO Services

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End-to-End Marketing Solutions for SMBs

Clear Lake’s end-to-end marketing solutions revolve around a known system for success — one that starts with an intelligently architected, lead-generating website. Building on that, our marketing solutions work across multiple marketing channels to boost your visibility, build your reputation, and help you attract — and keep — new customers.

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Marketing Solutions Are Like Football Teams

These days, getting noticed on the Internet is not about how wonderful your product is or how pretty your website looks. Instead, a businesses’ livelihood depends, among other things, on how well its website is built to match the preferences of search engines like Google. In the past, web designers and SEO experts were able to make minor adjustments in website code and purchase backlinks to boost search rankings. Today, there are no shortcuts to building a comprehensive online presence.

Marketing success extends beyond good SEO. Google’s latest algorithms suggest the need for a comprehensive online presence. That requires outbound efforts, inbound tactics, compelling content, and a social media heartbeat — all driven by a strategy-based plan.

Marketing solutions are like football teams that have a strong offense & defense, talented special teams, and a clever coach: you can’t win the game without one of these components.

Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses ROI

Clear Lake Marketing Solutions takes a “strategy-first” approach that prioritizes your ROI.

We help small and mid-sized businesses develop and systematically execute marketing solutions consistent with their corporate goals and provide clear reporting.

Our marketing solutions are available on an a-la-carte basis, so you only pay for what you need, or through our comprehensive, economical, and effective Duct Tape Marketing Packages.

“The most effective marketing solutions support clear goals and produce measurable results.”      Get In Touch