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Email Marketing Consultant for Small Businesses

A Clear Lake email marketing consultant can help you attract, retain, and convert customers with dynamic email campaigns

Our email marketing consultants work out of the San Francisco Bay Area, in Marin County, but can serve you no matter where you are located


We’ll set up your email campaign on the service provider of your choice (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Emma, SendGrid, etc.)


Even masterfully crafted emails can go straight to spam. Optimize your DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records to help your email reach the inbox.


Stay up-to-date with detailed reports on opens, clicks, social shares, and unsubscribes. We’ll use those metrics to drive future campaigns.

Launch Your Next Campaign with One of Our Results-Oriented Email Marketing Consultants

Just because a viewer has clicked on a link in your email doesn’t mean they instantly become a loyal customer. That’s where Clear Lake’s email consulting services come in. We’ll help you convert one-time clickers into repeat buyers.

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Get Clear Results with a Clear Lake Email Marketing Consultant

Email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. However, it’s not just a prospecting tool: businesses use email to engage and educate their customers, build loyalty and increase their lifetime value. But as spammers have flooded our inboxes en masse, it’s important to understand how to work around those pesky spam filters, protect your sender score, and keep your mail out of the junk folder.

Ask Us About

  • Consultancy Over the Phone or Video
  • Email Campaign Set-Up
  • Campaign Review
  • Content Creation for Your Email Campaigns
  • ESP (Email Service Provider) selection
  • Email Design and Coding
  • Deliverability Consulting
  • Automated Drip Campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Test Across Many Client/Browser Combinations
  • Campaign Reporting & Analysis

Time-Saving Benefits

Outsourcing your email marketing tasks to an email marketing consultant allows small businesses to focus on sales.

Email Code Has Special Rules

Email html is very different from what your web designers use on your website. We track rules used by dozens of email client and browser configurations, and reflect their nuances in our html code that we use to build your emails.

An Email Marketing Consultant Can Help with Deliverability

Email is tricky.

Not only are spam filters getting tougher and tougher to outsmart, but all the email clients (like Outlook, Gmail, MacMail, Yahoo, etc.) and browsers (like Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox, etc.) are constantly changing their rendering rules. As a result, knowing how to code emails in such a way that they will reach your intended recipient’s inbox — and look the way you intended — is critical.

Spending just a short time with an email consultant can help save you time, money, and frustration. Call us today to let us know about your challenges, and we’ll let you know if we can help.

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About Clear Lake Email Marketing Consultants

We’ve been producing effective email campaigns for small businesses since 1995. Our founder’s humble beginnings started at Columbia Business School at a time when email marketing was largely unregulated. Since then, the FTC and ICANN have ramped-up efforts to enforce the CAN-SPAM Act in an effort to wipe out spam. And, ESP’s have been forced to support their efforts, making it more and more difficult for marketers to send email campaigns to prospects who have not opted in.

While we love what CAN-SPAM has done to limit the spam in our inboxes, we feel for the small business owner who relies on email marketing to get customers.

We’re full-service marketing consultants in Marin Co., just north of the San Francisco Bay Area who understand the rules of the email game. We can help you work within those rules, even if your list is not completely opted-in, to create and send email campaigns that generate a terrific ROI.

Choosing the right email marketing tool or CRM is an important component of any marketer’s success. Read our blog post about how to choose a CRM that will support your business goals.

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