Wondering how to get your Facebook Business Account setup but not sure where to begin? Here’s a simple checklist for creating a Facebook Business page?

Bonus: Download Our 1-Page Guide to Facebook Business Account Setup


A Facebook Business page is a Facebook business site that is attached to your personal profile that you can use to promote your business, organization, brand, community or cause. Facebook Business pages have different features than regular personal profile pages. Business pages provide analytics, facilitate advertising, and allow you to schedule and promote your posts.

Step 1: Start Your Facebook Business Account Setup

Before you set up a Facebook Business page, you need a personal Facebook page.

  • Log into your personal Facebook profile and click the Home button next to your name.
  • Next, click the Pages tab in the left sidebar
  • Click on Create Page in the top right corner

Step 2: Choose a Business Page type for Your New Facebook Business Account

Here are Facebook’s options for page-types:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Each page type is a little different, and what’s more, each page type has a “Choose a category” dropdown with its own unique list of business categories to choose from. Take your time and choose the closest fit possible. If you feel your business fits in more than one of Facebook’s business categories, don’t worry! Just try to find the best fit. You can always come back and change categories.

Once you’ve made your selection, read about Facebook’s Pages Terms by clicking the terms link. Then click the Get Started button – when you do, you acknowledge that you agree to Facebook’s terms.

Fill in the name of your new FB business page along with any other requested information fields, click Get Started, and off you go to your new page!

Step 4: Create and Upload Your Images to Your Facebook Business Account

Add a profile picture – that’s the small square image that will appear at the top left of your page. Some companies use this space for their logo.

Dimensions for Facebook Photos

Next, you’ll need to create and upload a long rectangular cover photo and a smaller, square profile photo. You can create these in design or photo editing software like PhotoShop or Adobe Illustrator, or with a nifty free tool, canva.com.

  • Facebook Business Cover Image Size
    Dimensions: 828px x 315px, but the mobile safe area is only 563px x 315px
  • Facebook Business Profile Image Size
    Dimensions: 160px square or 720 px square to avoid compression
  • Post Photos
    Dimensions: 1200x630px for the best display on high resolution devices
  • Link page posts
    Minimum 600x315px to display link page posts with larger images
  • Timeline can be 476px x 363px
  • Aspect ratio for news feeds: approximately 1.91:1 to display the in News Feed without any cropping
  • Ad creative: 1,200 x 628 pixels

When your images are ready, click on the Add a Cover button in the upper-left corner of the Cover Photo space, and then click Upload Photo. Drag the image to position it correctly and click Save.

Step 5: Before Inviting Friends, Unpublish Your Facebook Business Site

Unpublish my Facebook Business page? I just set it up!”

Unpublishing your Facebook Business page hides it from public view while you are still working on it.

  • Click Settings in the top navigation bar and open the Page Visibility row in General Settings
  • Change the visibility to Page Unpublished, and click Save Changes. Now you can complete the rest of your business page and publish it when it’s done

Step 6: Add a Description to Your FB Business Page

  • Click the Page link in the top left corner to return to your page to begin adding your Description
  • Use the Description area to succinctly tell visitors what your Facebook Business page is about

Think SEO! Your description can contain up to 155 characters and shows up in search results. Therefore, think carefully about how potential followers might search for your product or service to find your page online, and include those long tailed keywords in your description. Remember, though, that the objective is to succinctly describe the focus of your business and its Business Facebook page.

Step 7: Create a Username for Your Page (aka Vanity URL)

This allows you to customize your URL which helps people find, remember and message your Facebook Business page.

Step 8: Add a link back to your main website homepage or product page

  • By adding this link, if someone clicks on your cover photo, they’ll be taken to your own website.

Facebook Business’ button gives you a chance to link to a product you have on sale, a newsletter signup, an opportunity to book an appointment with you, and more.

  • Click “Add a Button”, located on the lower right corner of your cover photo, and you can choose from seven types of buttons. The buttons that are available to you are conditional based on your business type.

The Book with you option has two buttons (depending on your business type):
✓ Book Now lets people book travel or an appointment with you.
✓ Start Order lets people order food from you.

The Contact you option has five buttons:
✓ Call Now lets someone call you with a single.
✓ Contact Us and Sign Up both take users to a lead generation form on your website.
✓ Send Message opens a private Facebook message between the user and your page.
✓ Send Email lets people email you.

The Learn More about your business option has two buttons:
✓ Watch Video links to a video on Facebook or your own website.
✓ Learn More is used to more information about your business.

The Shop with you or make a donation option has a single button:
✓ Shop Now can link to the products on your website or your Facebook page.

The Download App or Game option has two buttons:
✓ Use App can take people directly to your app.
✓ Play Game lets people download or play your game.

The Join your community option allows you to visit a group.
Click the Save button and viola! Your new Facebook for Business page is ready to go.

Step 9: Publish your Facebook Business Page

Go to Settings > Page Visibility > Edit > Page Published > Save Changes. While you’re in Settings, adjust the rest of the posting and messaging options available to you.

Step 10: Search for friends and invite them to like your new business page.

What Is Facebook Business Mangager?

Facebook Business Manager is typically used by advertising and marketing agencies to create separate Facebook advertising accounts for each of their clients. They use Business Manager for easy account management and reporting. Facebook Business Manager is not where a business owner starts to setup their Facebook Business page.

Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Facebook Business Account

There are lots of ways you can use your Facebook page for your business.
1. Use your keywords in your description. Remember to use your target keywords to help Google return your Facebook search results when people search on your keywords.
2. Use your Business page to Inform Viewers About Your Business and About You. In marketing terms, this is the “get-to-know” part of the marketing funnel. The more information you provide to educate the viewer about your business, without overwhelming them, the better.
3. Include current contact information on your page. Your business name, address, and phone number should be consistent across the Internet.
4. Be Your Own Fan. Don’t forget to be a fan of your own business page!
5. Link your Facebook Business Page to Other Online Real Estate. First and foremost, make sure your main website homepage URL is prominently displayed. Although Facebook loves engagement and wants your viewers to stay on Facebook as long as possible, remember that Facebook for Business is a marketing tool.
6. Create a Vanity URL (http://www.facebook.com/my-business-name-goes-here). Customizing the Facebook vanity URL is one of the often-overlooked steps of setting up a FB business page. Create a short and recognizable URL to use in marketing communications. Don’t just settle for the URL that Facebook randomly assigns you!
7. Link Your Own Website back to Your Business Facebook page. That way you can remind your website viewers about your Facebook presence, and invite them to engage and become fans.
8. Consult a small business marketing agency like Clear Lake Marketing Solutions to develop a content strategy and content calendar. Re-fashion your Facebook posts and push them out through other social media channels.
9. Create a posting schedule and stick to it. Promoting your business on social media is time-consuming and can distract small business owners from the key aspects of running their business. Marketing agencies can, for a very reasonable fee, help you fulfill your social media plan. Contact Clear Lake Marketing if you’d like some help!

Bonus: Download Our 1-Page Guide to Facebook Business Account Setup