ADA Website Compliance Booster


Take strides to make your website more ADA compliant. We’ll install the ADA website compliance technology of your choice on your site and provide you with a boilerplate Accessibility Statement for your use and legal review.

Please see the section below the “Add to Cart” link regarding what the ADA Website Compliance Booster includes and excludes. We are not lawyers and we do not offer any kind of legal advice.

  • Notes

    What the ADA Website Compliance Booster Includes | Excludes

    • installation and testing of the ADA website compliance technology of your choice, which typically includes:
      • a text-to-speech page reader like the one on this page
      • keyboard navigation
      • font controls (bigger text and legible fonts)
      • desaturation and contrast controls
      • link highlighter
    • a boilerplate Accessibility Statement
    • posting of your Accessibility Statement after your edits

    The ADA Website Compliance Booster Does Not Include the cost of the technology solution you choose. The price shown here covers the installation and testing of a widely-used free and popular solution. We do not mark-up or sell open-source, free technologies.

    Contact Us to Learn More About ADA Options

    There are several practical alternatives for ADA compliance technology solutions, many of which are free, but none of which will guarantee your site will be 100% ADA or WCAG compliant. Additional work not covered under the scope of this purchase may be needed to increase your level of ADA website compliance, for example, cleaning up your existing website code, adding tags to all images, etc. Please read the section of this article entitled, “The 70/25/5 Rule” for more information. There are varying levels of ADA website conformity and we are happy to assist you with your choices.

    We are not lawyers and we do not include any kind of legal advice. We assume no liability for the ADA compliance technology solution you choose to have us install on your site.