Strategy First Marketing Plan for Small Businesses


Your Comprehensive, Strategy-First Marketing Plan Will Include:

Total Online Presence Audit: An audit of your current online presence which includes an analysis of your website, SEO, keywords, content, social media and ratings, and reviews.
Client Interviews if Requested: 3-5 ideal client and/or partner interviews conducted by us. You will receive access to high-level summaries and ideal client profiles, both of which will inform how you might improve your core message to attract more ideal clients.
Competitive Research: High-level summaries and a report on competitive factors for 3 of your top competitors, including audits of any paid Google advertising, keywords they are ranking for, website authority, unique positioning, obvious marketing strategies, and any content that they have published that has been widely shared.
Core Message and Positioning: Suggested tweaks to positioning and messaging strategy
Marketing Hourglass:  A roundup of suggested marketing tactics for each of the phases of the Marketing Hourglass: Know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat and refer.
Content Roadmap: Core content hub themes and sample hub topics from which to build a content calendar
High-level strategies:  4-6 of your highest-level strategies identified and mapped out as next steps.

  • Notes

    What’s Not Included

    The main deliverable of a Strategy First Engagement is a comprehensive marketing plan based on research that we will conduct. It does not include any execution of the tactics or strategies contained in that plan.