WordPress Website Monthly Care


We’ll check in on your site once a month, update your theme and plugins as needed, and alert you to any problems. We’ll also back your site up both before and after all updates.

  • Notes
    Keeping your WordPress theme and plugins completely up-to-date is critical! WordPress runs more than 25% of all websites in the world, and as such, poorly maintained sites are a target for hackers. WordPress and plugin authors do an excellent job issuing theme and plugin updates that protect against vulnerabilities; however, you must update your theme and plugins regularly in order to reap the benefits.


    Includes | Excludes

    Includes taking a full back-up of your site prior to doing any updates and doing minor trouble-shooting. Includes restoring your site to a prior backup should we run into any problems.

    Does not include major trouble-shooting in the unlikely case that a problem arises from a routine theme or plugin update. For that you would need our hourly development service.