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We’re a small business marketing consultant with a proven, strategic approach focused on growing your brand and increasing your profits.

Led by senior marketing consultant Ann Grace, MBA, Clear Lake Marketing Solutions helps small business owners grow their sales and reduce their marketing costs.

About Clear Lake Marketing

What We Do

We’re a strategic and hands-on marketing consultant that helps small businesses like yours develop and execute sound marketing plans. We also provide the content creation, website design, email campaigns, lead capture and lead generation, press releases, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and advertising necessary to support your marketing and earnings goals. We take a “strategy-first” approach that is tied to your corporate goals and focus on measurable results.

Who We Are

Clear Lake Marketing was founded by Ann Grace, MBA, a veteran marketing consultant with over 30 years experience. We’re part of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant network and bring together the expertise of over 100 talented marketing consultants across the United States who are trained in the Duct Tape Marketing System. Duct Tape consultants undergo a rigorous certification process and continued training to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of digital marketing.

About Our Name

Our agency’s name derives from the fact that marketing success today — like a clear lake — requires a balanced eco-system of healthy, inter-dependent parts. No one individual component in your marketing plan can thrive without the others. Instead, all parts contribute to one crystal clear, synergistic whole.
The most successful marketing plans tap the entire marketing eco-system: outbound, inbound, and paid, and leverage multiple marketing channels to cross-pollinate results.

We help small businesses get found on Google, source leads, influence prospects, grow sales, retain customers, and get referrals

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Marketing in “The Old Days”

Before the Internet, marketing strategy was largely driven by Madison Avenue advertising agencies. The work of small business marketing consultants was a bit obscure, not unlike Dorothy’s discovery. In the old days, marketing was based on a system known as The Four P’s.

Then, with the rise of the Internet, everything changed. Marketing consultants turned to tactics like keyword stuffing and black-hat back-link strategies to boost page rank and domain authority. Small business marketing consultants found that playing games with Google was short-lived.

Google’s algorithms — and as a result, strategies used by marketing consultants — continue to change at a rapid pace. Small business owners struggle to keep up.

Marketing in 2018

“Toto, We’re Not In Kansas Anymore”

Today, marketing consulting is a far cry from “smoke and mirrors.” Duct Tape Marketing is a known, proven system — one that is executed formulaically and connects all marketing and social channels together with consistent, clear messaging.

Ask how our proven formula can get your business the results you need!

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Why Use a Small Business Marketing Consultant?

Hiring in-house talent with our breadth of capabilities will cost you upwards of $200,000. Instead, outsource your marketing needs with an experienced consultant who will focus on your growth, without unnecessary overhead.

New Hire

$16,600/mo = $200,000/year

Salary, mid-level Marketing Manager $80,000
Salary, part-time Graphic Designer $32,000
Salary, mid-level Web Developer $34,000
Salary, part-time Social Media Analyst $32,000
Overhead, Taxes, Benefits, Phone, IT support $24,000
Recruiting/Hiring Costs  $3,000

Outsource to Clear Lake

$2,000/mo = $24,000/year*

✓ Team of Marketing Consultants
✓ Built-In Graphics Capabilities
✓ Expert Web Design & Landing Pages
✓ 40 Social Posts per Month
✓ No Overhead, No Payroll
✓ = 86% Savings* based on our Jumpstart Pricing

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